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Awards S. Leonardo 10 year old Tawny port

  • 2016 Berlin Wine Trophy: Gold medal
  • For the love of Port: 93 points
  • Vivino 4,1 stars

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Tawny port

Tawny Ports are complex and concentrated ports. Not the fruitiness of red and black berries as their Ruby Port cousins (after all, they’ve had to age a minimum of seven years in oak).

Pale brown to golden… well, ‘tawny’ in colour.

This wine has a nutty, caramelized character that delivers buttered toffee and smoky vanilla themes alongside dried orange, sweet figs, and mocha notes in tandem with spiced candied pecans .

Serving Tips
Tawny ports are ready to drink and will not improve by aging in the bottle anymore. However, because of the innate oxidation, they can easily last a view month once opened . Store in the fridge, preferably not in the door. Tawnies don’t throw sediment and can typically skip the decanter.

Serve cool at around 16°C.

Tawny Port Pairing
With its sweet to semi-sweet character, nutty nuances, dried apricots and spiced toffee aromatics, Tawny Ports are a natural pairing for all sorts of nutty delights and custard and other egg yolk desserts.

But of course Tawnies are completely capable of partnering up with the savoury side of Farmhouse Cheddar, Comté, aged Manchego, São Jorge (Azores), a well-aged Gouda or Pecorino.

To download the technical details of S. Leonardo 10 year old Tawny port, click the bottle above(pdf).


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