Season greetings AAKO 2017

Season greetings AAKO 2017Season greetings AAKO 2017

Quinta Seara d’Ordens

Late Bottled Vintage 2012

Late Bottled Vintage (LBV)

As the name implies, LBV Port is developed from a single-vintage Ruby Port and may enjoy four to six years in large oak barrel, which are called Tonnels, before being bottled and released.


Thick Purple and ruby red


LBVs are sweet an fruity in style. Expect fresh fruits like black currants, cherry, and jammy chocolaty influences to grab your attention with every sip. These in harmony with some dried fruit flavours (particularly prunes and raisins), leading into floral themes and ending on an almond meets walnut backdrop.


LBV is ready to be enjoyed as soon as you open the bottle, however this Port wine will evolve over the next 5 years. Not in terms of getting better, but the structure and taste of this wine will change. Most of the fruity notes will make place for more ripen savours.

Serving Tips

Serve slightly chilled at around 16°C.
LBV Ports are capable of keeping for a few weeks after opening if kept refrigerated, preferably not in the door.

LBV Port Pairing

* Chocolate truffles
* Brownies
* Sachertorte
* Dutch and blue Cheese
  and even
* Steak au Poivre/Pepper steak
* a nice warm fireplace